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Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a gentle, rhythmic massage technique that has a profound effect on the lymphatic system.


The massage technique is to use very light pressure, often no more than skin deep. With each stroke the skin is lightly stretched and released in the direction of the lymphatic flow, or in the direction of the desired lymphatic flow. The technique is performed slowly and deliberately. In an elegant blend of techniques, manual lymph drainage gives the lymphatic system exactly the stimulus it needs. Just as running increases the function of the heart and lungs, so MLD increases the function of the lymphatics.


Manual lymph drainage not only gives us the ability to increase the flow of lymph fluid, it also gives us the means to direct the flow around obstructions.


This is how we are able to treat lymphedema; where the lymph system has blockages or other interruptions to the flow, we can build bridges to get the fluid across, or we can open up new, alternate routes to take the fluid around the obstruction.


MLD decongests the tissues; this powerful effect allows fluid to flow freely through the body. This is how swelling is resolved. It is also how MLD promotes wound healing, skin cleansing and body detoxification.


Manual lymph drainage is an excellent technique for the treatment of many kinds of swelling, as long as the swelling is not caused by heart, kidney or liver failure.


MLD can be used to treat swellings associated with injury or surgery.


Successful reduction of swelling leads to faster healing.


Swelling can be reduced and the immune system stimulated, toxins can be carried away and disposed of properly. MLD is very useful in the treatment of wounds for the same reasons. The decongestion and detoxification effects allow the body to properly and efficiently heal the wound. Skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, among others, benefit from this same cleansing effect.


Manual lymph drainage is most commonly used as a component of complex decongestive therapy to treat lymphedema. However, it is a powerful and profound stand-alone massage technique.


Due to its effects on the autonomic nervous system manual lymph drainage can induce a deep relaxation combined with an analgesic, or pain-reducing effect. This makes it effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions.


Indications for Manual Lymph Drainage:


*            Lymphedema, both Primary and Secondary

*            Pre and Post Surgery (of any kind)

*            Injury Recovery, especially Sprains and Strains

*            Swollen Ankles (due to pregnancy or poor circulation)

*            Early Treatment of Whiplash

*            Sinus Congestion

*            Fibromyalgia

*            Periodic Bloating

*            Wound Healing

*            Burns

*            Dermatological Conditions

*            Deep Facial Cleansing



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